Jacq's FAQs

I hope you will find answers to your questions here.  If your question is not addressed below, please contact me and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Will it really be four weeks until I get my doll?

Four weeks is the longest it could take until your doll is shipped.  Jacq's Girls are handmade, so please allow me to give your doll the attention she deserves.

Suppose I need my doll sooner?

You can designate "rush" in your order and I will do my very best to meet that deadline, provided I have at least a week in which to work.  A "rush" surcharge will be applied to your order.

I like these dolls, but I would like a special outfit. Can you do that?

Yes!  Email your idea (a picture would be fantastic) and I will let you know if I can meet your request.  Because this will require drafting a pattern for your doll's clothing, a design fee will be assessed based on the complexity of the outfit.

Why do you dye the fabric for their skin yourself? Couldn't you just buy fabric?

When I started making Jacq's Dolls, I looked around at my (very good) local fabric stores and I just was not happy with the fabric I found.  Some was too gray, some was too yellow, some was too dull, some got discontinued.  I knew then that I would have to dye it myself.  Usually it goes smoothly, but click here to read about a time when it did not.

I like the painted-on shoes and embroidered faces. How did you get the idea?

The truth is not glamorous.  I was nearing the deadline for my first show and realized that 1) I did not have time to make shoes out of fabric and 2) there were no faces on these dolls.  Paint to the rescue for the shoes, but I needed something portable for the faces so that I could continue working on them in the booth.  And that's why the faces of Jacq's Girls are hand-embroidered.