Jacq's Dolls is J. Bryant Campbell Fiber Arts!

Thanks to a generous grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, I have returned to art quilting after 12 years of focusing on doll-making. Combining my love of quilting with my committment to preserving my family's history, I have joyfully begun new work.

Thank you for your support of Jacq's Dolls. I hope you'll join me on this new phase of my artistic journey!


DC Arts Studios (6925 Willow St, NW) will have open studios on Sunday, November 6, from noon to 5pm. Come see some great local artists. I am in studio 2, so please come say hello!

For more information about this vibrant artist community, click HERE.

Learning to Fly is a quilted art piece showing a light brown girl in a pink and orange dress jumping off of a purple swing against a blue sky. She appears to be soring above the trees, and she is losing her shoe.


"Learning to Fly," is my newest work. Created for the reopening show of the Willow Street Gallery in Takoma Park, DC, on the theme of Self\Reflection, I wanted to capture the exhilaration of devoting myself to creating art. I never jumped off of a swing as a child, but that moment of weightlessness and invincibility is how I feel whenever I finish a new piece. Prints (11x14 matted) are available HERE.


Do you know how much I love brown ballerinas? No? I love them so much! This is the newest of my ballerina works. Prints (11x14 matted) are available HERE.

Dolls Handmade with Love, For You to Love

I had a great experience with Jacq's Dolls. I had some specific requests that were handled very well and my order was delivered exactly on time. Jacq made two custom Christmas angels as well as a collection of minis for me and they are a highlight of the family Christmas collection each year. Quality stitching, lovely design, and worth every penny.

M. C.

When I decided to order one of Jacq’s dolls for my daughter’s birthday, I realized I would have to buy a second one for her sister. It was fun to customize our mermaids on the website, and we received a gorgeous, sturdy pair of dolls. They’re irresistably pretty with beautiful fabrics and sewn details and the girls love to make them “swim” through the air.

M. C. C.

I have purchased 7, yes 7, dolls from Jacq’s Dolls. Three we gave as gifts to 3 little ladies and 4 we kept at home. What drew me to these beautiful dolls was that they are culturally inclusive for all kids. Surrounded by technology, it is wonderful to see something impeccably hand-crafted with love in the details. Handcrafted items help us stay connected on a human level. These dolls are just awesome!