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You’re never too old for dolls. Jacq’s Dolls are lovingly handmade for the doll lovers in your life. Shop our collection of beautiful cloth dolls in a variety of skin tones.

Handmade with Love, For You to Love

Each doll is handmade; to allow me to give your doll the attention they deserve, please allow 4 weeks for your doll to arrive.

Art quilt with African-American bride and groom

Original Quilted Artwork

I had a great experience with Jacq's Dolls. I had some specific requests that were handled very well and my order was delivered exactly on time. Jacq made two custom Christmas angels as well as a collection of minis for me and they are a highlight of the family Christmas collection each year. Quality stitching, lovely design, and worth every penny.

M. C.

When I decided to order one of Jacq’s dolls for my daughter’s birthday, I realized I would have to buy a second one for her sister. It was fun to customize our mermaids on the website, and we received a gorgeous, sturdy pair of dolls. They’re irresistably pretty with beautiful fabrics and sewn details and the girls love to make them “swim” through the air.

M. C. C.

I have purchased 7, yes 7, dolls from Jacq’s Dolls. Three we gave as gifts to 3 little ladies and 4 we kept at home. What drew me to these beautiful dolls was that they are culturally inclusive for all kids. Surrounded by technology, it is wonderful to see something impeccably hand-crafted with love in the details. Handcrafted items help us stay connected on a human level. These dolls are just awesome!