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Black and brown mermaid dolls? Swimming right up! These playful mermaids are ready to splash into your life.

These dolls are 14 inches high with hand-embroidered faces and lightly quilted tails. A small beaded flower is sewn into their hair; the small beads may be unsuitable for children under the age of 3.

Each doll is handmade; to allow me to give your doll the attention they deserve, please allow 4 weeks for your doll to arrive.


"I requested a custom mermaid for my friend who identifies as a mermaid. Jacq was able to match the doll's skin and hair color to my friend's, and gave her the most beautiful mermaid-blue tail. My friend opened the box and didn't put her down all night, preferring to carry her home rather than put her back in the box. <3"  A.A.

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